Spiritualist Healing

Spiritualist Healing is a big part of the religion of Spiritualism and an important service provided in our church.
Spiritualist Healing is a complementary to orthodox medicine; it must not be considered as an alternative. When you are unwell, you need to get assistance from the doctor. If you receive Spiritualist Healing, this will complement your treatment, the two will work together to assist in your recovery.

When we mention Healing of any sort, many people think immediately of making a person well due to a physical problem. This is true in part, but it is not the whole picture.

When Spiritualist Healing is administered, it can assist a person on any or all of those levels of self, thus treating the whole person, Mind, Body and Spirit.

No faith is required, that is true. Spiritualist Healing is administered to babies, young children and animals. It is perhaps an obvious statement to make, that they are not going to know about faith, yet they can benefit from the Healing. Nothing is expected from the patient, except perhaps openness to what may happen, and a degree of trust in the Healing Medium. An acceptance for the need for change and the will to do so will also help.
It may surprise you to know that the patient has a great influence on the level of recovery because it is the patient’s positive attitude in wanting to feel well again that works with both medical treatment and Spiritualist Healing.

When you receive Spiritualist Healing it will be explained to you how the Healing Medium will work with you. Having explained the procedure for working and asked if you feel comfortable, the Spiritualist Healing Medium will ask you if you wish to continue. With your agreement, the session will continue.

.Spiritualist Healing Mediums aim to administer healing to whoever is in need regardless of race, colour or creed. All SNU Accredited Healing Mediums work in accordance with the ‘SNU Healing Code of Conduct’ and ‘Healing and the Law’, both issued by the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) and need to have an understanding of the legal implications. Healing Mediums undergo theoretical and practical training which covers subjects as diverse as greeting the patient, understanding the source of the healing energy, and how to administer it and understanding the law in relation to healing. The Spiritualist Healing Medium often has no prior knowledge of the patient’s state of health or why the patient has come for treatment, yet often the patient appears to receive help for the very condition that has caused them to seek help.

The duration of the healing session varies from person to person, and is usually about ten minutes. During the healing session, you will be asked to relax and quieten your mind; you may close your eyes to assist this process. As healing proceeds, you may feel a little warmer, a little cooler, or no change at all – just relax and enjoy the session. Equally, don’t try to detect what is happening, just RELAX.

The Spiritualist Healing Medium will complete a record card each time you visit. It is strictly confidential, however, you are allowed to see your record card.

In accordance with “NHS Choices”, your Doctor has the right to refer you for Spiritualist Healing if he feels it would be beneficial. You also have the right to request Spiritualist Healing.

The Healer will always encourage you to remain in touch with your Doctor. As previously mentioned, Spiritualist Healing is complementary to medical treatment, so do tell your Doctor of any benefits that you may feel.

Please feel free to speak to one of our Spiritualist Healing Mediums for more details.

The Doctor will always remain in control of your medical care.