There are many aspects of Spiritualist philosophy and teachings that can help us to understand all aspects of our lives. Visit this page for regular updates and examples of what you might hear in a Spiritualist Service…

The philosophy of Spirit in Action is being explored more and more. It refers to the four pillars of healing, peace, respect and evolution that can help us to build a stronger, more inclusive religion as well as a better pathway for humanity. The Spirit teachings, which were given through the mediumship of Minister Judith Seaman, are summarised here, and form an empowering basis for us to think and act in a transformative way. How will you use your Spirit in Action?

“Healing is not just restoration of physical health; it is a universal remedy provided by the spirit source which if utilised positively promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit. This is the ultimate use of ‘Spirit in Action’ working both for others and also for self-healing. Give five minutes a day to improve lives!

Peace is not just cessation of war. It is personal tranquillity and mental calm; it creates a state of friendliness to replace strife which brings joy and fulfilment in life. The application of mental direction of thought is used effectively for healing, so why not for peace within self and throughout the world? Use your ‘Spirit in Action’ to make a difference.

Respect is not just refraining from unworthy conduct or thought; it is a positive attitude to all living things, especially consideration to people through politeness in communication which engenders a feeling of understanding and goodwill within the soul. Using ‘Spirit in Action’ to generate respect in your life will change your whole outlook on life today, tomorrow and for the future of humankind.

Evolution is not just allowing things to move on without focus; it requires a change in disposition to direct movement which is necessary for growth and survival and further development of original ideas. The power of ‘Spirit in Action’ is promoting evolution whether we like it or not, but if we want to play a part in directing the evolution of Spiritualism we must act constructively now!”