Wellington SNU Spiritualist Church types of membership explained

An SNU church such as wellington is open to the public and anyone can go to any service or event. You do not have to become a member of the SNU organisation or an SNU church to attend church services and events.

As well as becoming a member of the SNU, as previously explained, you can also be a member of Wellington Spiritualists Church. If you become a member of Wellington Spiritualist church this does not make you a member of the SNU and vice versa.
You can find details of how to become a member of the SNU on the SNU website.

You can just be a member of your chosen church or just be a member of the SNU and of course you can be a member of both, as many Spiritualists are. It’s entirely up to you and both memberships have their own benefits.

Associate Member

Being an Associate member of the church simply means you are an Associate of the church and that you may be interested in becoming a full member at some point in the future. Associate Membership is free and you will be approached by a church committee member and asked if you would like to be an associate member after you have been attending the church regularly for a while. It is as simply as filling in a form with the church Membership Secretary.

After six months has past from your application to be an Associate member of the church you may be invited by a church committee member, normally the member’s secretary to become a full member of the church. Membership is £10 for 12 months and we always renew memberships every January. So if you were due to become a member from July onwards you would just be asked to pay £5 membership for the remainder of the year. Whereas becoming a member from January to June we would request the full £10.

£5 of your church membership fees goes straight to the SNU as an administration fee. The remainder of the £5 from a full 12 month membership stays within our church as an admin fee and towards helping running the church and keeping us going.

Full Membership

So why become a full church member? You will have the following benefits as well as supporting your church and helping keeping the church going and of course being part of a fantastic group. The benefits are detailed below-

  1. You can nominate yourself and/or other Full Members for Committee positions;
  2. You can submit a motion, with notice, to the AGM;
  3. You can attend the AGM and vote on motions and ballots for Committee positions;
  4. You can be kept up to date with Church news;
  5. You will pay less for attending Wednesday evenings;
  6. You will have priority over non-members when booking tickets for special events and have a discount for some ticketed special events;
  7. You will be invited to some group induction sessions to help you become more familiar with the Seven Principles of SNU Spiritualism;